The full credits for all contributions are mentioned in the CREDITS file in the release. Below listed are for major contributors.

Name: Pratap PV
Age: 18
Location: Bangalore, India
Occupation: Student
Email: pratap_theking@hotmail.com
  • Original MIR Hacker and initiator!!
  • Drivers works like terminal,mouse,sound.
  • Dynamic Module loading through lsmod,insmod
  • FAT-12 read-only filesystem driver
  • VESA graphics and graphic related tasks
  • Various other hacks related to the MIR subsystem in general.
Name: A.R Karthick
Age: 26
Location: Bangalore, India
Occupation: Software Engineer, Infosys
Email: a_r_karthic@rediffmail.com
  • Implemented Process Mgmt
  • Memory Mgmt
  • Implemented various memory allocators like bitmap,slab cache,vmalloc
  • Enabled page tables Implemented Semaphores for IPC.
  • Keyboard driver
  • Generic controller independent IRQ management interface
  • Tasklets or bottom halves support
  • Timers, Wait_queues,etc. As part of process management 
Name: Ramanan Nagamanickam
Age: 25
Location: Bangalore, India
Occupation: Software Engineer, iCode Software
Email: ramanan99@hotmail.com
  • Developed entire MIR-OS website!